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Introduction and performance:
 TSP-40 man portable drilling rig is the products absorb the advantages both from domestic and foreign throughout repeated tests. Strict testing has been passed in the worst terrain and mountain areas. It can be used in mountain, hill, Plain, Forest, Farmland for petroleum prospecting. All of operation handles and indicators were installed on operation platform. The rig was installed with safety, caution and environmental protection symbols, and it meets with the requirement of QHSE.
 It uses full hydraulic drive, simple to use and easy to maintain. We choose mature product from the well-known specialized company mature, for example: KOHLER, HAWE, STAUFF, TUHILL, and WHITE and so on, guarantee the rig’s reliability.
 Collocated with different well bottom power system, drilling rig can carry out many kind of drilling methods such as air hammer drilling, air drilling, mud drilling and auger drilling to meet drilling work under different geologic environment with high efficiency.
 The main part of drilling rig consists of Mast, Base, Power swivel, Power assembly, Hydraulic system, with different collocation such as mud drilling, auger drilling, and air hammer drilling/air drilling.
 The rig has the advantages of light-weight, simple construction, easy to assemble, disassemble, transport and operate.
 The drilling rig can be work at -10℃and +55℃, 0-3000m altitude. Ambient temperature in dusty environment.
2 Main specifications
a) Drilling rig technical parameter:
Drilling pipe Diameter X Length Φ60X1500mm (Air/mud drilling pipe)
Φ75X1500mm (Auger drilling pipe)
Power swivel Rated torque 1150N.m
Rotation speed range 0-150r/min
Pulldown & hoisting system Pull up & pull down capacity 2000kg
Pulldown force 7.8kN
Max hoisting speed 0.73m/s
Hydraulic system Working pressure 200 bar (rotation) /173bar (hoisting)/70bar (pulldown)
Gasoline Engine Output power: 27hp/3600r/min
(Not include drilling tools) Drilling rig with auger drilling: 415kg
Drilling rig with mud drilling: 535kg
Drilling rig with air hammer drilling/air drilling: 680kg
External dimension L1700 X W1250 X H3100(mm)

b) Drilling method, depth and hole diameter
Drilling method Drilling depth Drilling hole diameter
Air hammer drilling 40 m/131ft 90mm
Air drilling
Auger drilling 20m/65ft
Mud drilling 30m/100ft

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